Live cameras 

 Here you can click on a live camera site and check things like current weather conditions. Also get a pic of your boat at this location. Tell family members where you are and they can check in on you live. 

Old Fort Niagara, Lake Ontario, NY -

 Shhhh...camera is set inside the fort. You can hear guests talking about the headless guard ghost in the well.




Lower Niagara River in Youngstown, NY -

 This looks out the opening of the river to Lake Ontario and across to 'Niagara on the Lake', Canada. 




Niagara Falls, Canada -

*do not attempt a pic of your boat here...




Peace Bridge / Black Rock Canal in Buffalo, NY -

 This looks to the south into Lake Erie. 




Gateway Harbor, North Tonawanda, NY -

 This camera is set in North Tonawanda looking across to South Tonawanda. Here you are within maybe 1,000 yards of the opening of the Erie Canal. This camera is between the 2nd and 3rd bridges 

from the opening, which is to the starboard (right). 

 The lowest bridge on the Loop is just past the bridge on your port (left) view. It is the 4th bridge in from the Niagara River, a fixed railroad bridge at 15.5ft. 

 On the opposite side here and to the port (left) between the bridge and that two story red building is the boaters guest services. The office is there for overnight stays and bathroom / laundry facilities. 

 Here on the near side is a new building set up for services on this side. Also behind the camera on the street to the starboard (right) is the street where several places to eat like Duffs (chicken wings) and the Riviera Theatre are located. Also a gentlemans club down that other side street. 

 Also here in the foreground is where they hold their summer events like Canal Days and weekly events like Food Truck day and a Free concert night. 




Genesee River - Cobbs Hill Landing - Rochester, NY -

 At the northern most point you can go on the Genesee river from the canal. The condos / restaurant there on the west shore (to your right view) is where you can park with full hookups. Is a short walk into downtown Rochester. The camera sits just about where the Dinosaur BBQ is located. 




Irondequoit Bay, Rochester, NY -

 This looked out to Seabreeze Amusement Park. 




Lake Ontario, Webster, NY -

 Just a pretty spot looking west into Lake Ontario. 




Deerfield Beach, South Florida -

 from the pier - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5wt0y1l77M

 from under the pier, look for Beny - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAv4VCC41oU



Mallory Square, Key West Florida - 

 where you watch sunsets - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhsZoZ2bApc



Front Street, Key West Florida - 

 yep, where the drunks are - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDeCOWw5XVU



Homosassa Springs, Florida - 

 underwater looking at manatees - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy1KnGEVpTA



Fort Zachary Taylor, Florida -

 great beach looking at Cuba - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM20tigbzpM






Our location and how to contact us...


On the Erie Canal

Gasport, NY


Call or text: email for phone number


*best way to catch me...









*worst way to find me. Still don't know how to tweet...

Twitter: twitter.com/PiratesChest1



      your  wake!!!

      Slow Please!


      and less in some places.

 The western Erie Canal does have speed limits. 

 The Canal Corp staff at the locks and the lift bridges, actually keep track of your times passing thru. They contact the staff at your next stop, to let them know traffic is coming and to expect your arrival time. Some staff even operate two separate lift bridges.

 Slow down.

 Also bank erosion.

 Even though the banks of the canal is covered in large rocks, your wake is undermining it.

 This is why we have these ''Guard Gates'' that you pass under every few miles. If the canals embankment has a blowout, these drop to prevent mass water exiting. It has happened.

 Watch your wake. 

*Please put contact info on your outdoor gear like kayaks; canoe; dingy; life jackets / preservers; throw rings; bumpers / fenders. Anything that can come off your boat.

 The reason is, say if your kayak slipped off without you knowing and is found out by itself. Now local fire depts and the Coast Guard will be out looking for a potential water rescue victim(s).

 These rescue teams can contact you without doing a massive search for a non-existing emergency.

 We all want to find those in need of help, but wayward items just puts undue stress on resources.

 Thank you. 


 If you are out on the Great Lakes or other waterways around them and looking to eat. 

 'Dock and Dine' lists eateries that you can easily access by boat. In most cases you can dock right there or it is a very short walk. 

 Check them out or send them a link to your favorite place for them to list.





 Hey, do you live on the Erie Canal or close by and want to be a local host? 

 Hosts help people on the canal like the walkers; cyclists; kayakers; boaters and others. All these groups are so different, yet use the same space here on the canal. Local people that live on the canal, see all the people and some want to help. 

 Mixed in the listing on the webpages here will be a few Erie Canal Hosts. They might have a private dock; a place to pitch a tent or RV spot; a parking spot for your car or trailer for an extended stay; a local onsite person to help with issues or as a guide. 

 Does that sound like something you want to assist with? Send me a message and I will try to explain the details better. 



 Do you need your boats AC unit serviced?

 Located in Tonawanda NY, western end of the Erie Canal. Call Tim (716) 831-0333


 Fellow big boat owner and good guy.


 Need a Ford Bronco rental in Buffalo NY? 


 How about do you need a campsite on the western Erie Canal?

 You are in luck...



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